Shadow Deeps


Season 2 Episode 2

Once they arrived at Fallcrest the company gained an audience with the Lord Warden and briefed him of their adventures and about the kidnapped villagers from Riverdown. He was sympathetic but unable to release any of the city guard to hunt down the missing villages. Impressed by the heroes exploits he offered to make them knights in his employ but the heroes turned down his offer preferring to keep their freedom to pick and choose their adventures. Following the meeting with the Lord Warden the company made arrangements to stay over night in the town before setting off for Thunderspire Mountain. As usual the party could have endeavoured to research some information about the Thunderspire but choose not to, relying instead on their strong weapon arms to keep them out of trouble. Before they could make many plans the party received an invitation to visit Lady Allanda Markelhay. , wife of the Lord Warden and Mistress to Elisa Darkbane, whom the party rescued from kobolds some weeks ago. Lady Markelhay traded they the ritual to create magic items in return for a quest at an unspecified date in the future. Tristran being an Eldar and therefore needing very little sleep spend the night learning the ritual and enchanting Sk’ar’s plate armour in to Dwarven plate. Setting out the next morning the company marched hard and arrived at the impressive giant minatore statue flanked entrance to the Thunderspire, just hours after a band of Bloodreavers. Pressing into the mountain the party followed an impressive tunnel built to almost Dwarf standards. The outdoor skills of the elven ranger were of little use to the party in this underground environment and Tristran and Kuron’s dungeneering knowledge. After a couple of hours travel including a side trek in which they were possibly lured into an ambush by a Tiefling called Martaros the pary heard sounds of an argument and taunting coming from a side chamber. Looking inside they saw a harfling cornered by some Hobgoblins who liked like they might be Bloodbane. They charged in and after a short fight , in which noting of note happened apart from Ailon accidently paralysing Sk’ar in place for half the fight, rescued the thankful Halfling. The Halfling, who was called Rendil, confirmed that the Hobgoblins were indeed Bloodreavers and that he knew the location of their main base, the “Chamber of eyes”. Rendil promised to either give the party a map or to guide then there himself but first he took them to the Seven pillar hall, the equivalent to the local village. A place of relative safety and the only place in the Thunderspire you can get a pint of Ale.



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