Shadow Deeps

The Horned Hold 4

Season 2 Episode 8

Exploring further on from the guard room the party decided to push open a set of ornate double doors. The doors opened into a chamber with two large magical, walk in sized fireplaces, one on each side of the room. However the heroes did not have much time to take in the layout of the room as there was a Duergar guard on each side of the door and a Duegar magician sitting at a table in the room. Using there momentary advantage of surprise the party attacked. Tristran and Kuron cast spells at the mage while Ailon charged one of the guards. Sk’ar was momentarily distracted by a lighting bold trap which exploded from the doorframe dropping Nailin like a log.

The Duergar proved to be tough opponents who used all their powers against the party. Ailon was hit with a super virulent poison and was unable to fight off it’s effect an collapsed poisoned to the ground, Coming late to the fight a Duergar chieftain joined the fight welding a flaming maul, which he used to knock Sk’ar back into the magical fires. Each time the Dragonkin charged out he would be knocked back into the fire. Only the paladin’s huge healing powers kept him alive. In the mean time Tristran was trying to hit the Duergar mage by sound alone having been blinded by foul magical vapours. Things were looking bad for the company but then one of the guards was taken down, then the mage, then tragically Kuron, then the second guard. Eventually only the Duergar leader was standing. The remaining party members concentrated on the Duergar desperately trying to take him down before Kuron expired. Although a mighty warrior the Duergar was unable to hold off the three party members and was cut down. Rushing over to Kuron the party were able to revive him just seconds before he would have expired. It was a victory to the party but only after one of their hardest fights.

After a short break the party explored further and entered into a chamber of pits containing three Duergar and two spiny Devils. The party charged the grey dwarfs while the devils flew up into the air and started throwing burning poisonous darts are the party. Luckily after the experience of the previous room the party had given amulets of health to the two lead warriors and both were immune to the devil’s poison. The guards were not the same quality as the previous guards and were soon dispatched. The devils unwilling to face the parties missile fire on their own fled the room. In the pits the party found 10 of the 12 missing villages.



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