Shadow Deeps

The Horned Hold 3

Season 2 Episode 7

The company debated which bridge to cross and whether to attempt any tricks. Nailin wanted to rush the bridge whereas Ailon preferred the idea of attempting to disguise themselves as Orcs. In the end they went with the “plan” to rush the door. Nailin used his elven speed and Sk’ar carried a table using it as a giant shield. The party charged through the missile fire and slammed themselves into the iron bound Oak doors…and bounced. Various members of the company were shot during this assault. Summoning all their strength the party hurled themselves at the doors again and bounced again. Frustrated by their lack of progress Ailon started chopping at the doors with is great axe and within moments one of the double doors was open and handing off it’s hinges.

Once through the door the company made short work of the defending Duergar and their automatons. Pressing onwards the party entered a guard chamber and swiftly dealt with the defending Orc warriors and their Ogre champion. After a quick look around the party realized they had found one of the entrances to the Horned Hold on this side of the chasm.



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