Shadow Deeps

The Horned Hold

Season 2 Episode 6

After a short pause to catch their breath the party advanced deeper into the hold. The next chamber contained the Duergar weaponsmith and his assistants. The fight was complicated by Duergar scouts who seemed to have the ability to vanish in plain sight. However in the end the company were victorious.

Pressing on further the party entered the Duergar dining hall and kitchens. Once again the party were taken by surprise, this time by one of the Gray Dwarfs growing to giant size in the middle of the battle. Luckily most of the other Duergar had been defeated by then and the heroes were able to concentrate their attacks and take him down quickly.

After a quick search the company found a few human slaves and set them free. The slaves keen to get back to their families took some arms and hastily left the halls. The search revealed the party had swept the Horned hold on this side of the chasm and that they would have to cross one of the two bridges.



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