Shadow Deeps

The Horned Hold

Season 2 Episode 5

Exploring the Bloodreavers lair the company discovered that once again they were too late and the villages had been sold to the Duergar! Returning to the Seven-pillared hall the party visited the Grimmerzhul trading post in the hope of finding out where the Duergar had taken the slaves. A fight broke out and (not wanting to incur the wrath of the Mages of Saruun the company retired from the shop.

Later that day, in the Halfmoon Inn, while they planned their next course of actions the party were visited by one of the Mages of Saruun who, surprisingly, didn’t mention the trouble with the Duergar but instead offered the party a reward for looking into the activities of the mage Paldemar. The party accepted the quest (refusing didn’t seem a good idea) and then spent time restocking their healing potions and asking around the hall for information about the Duergar. They were able to find out that the Duergar had a base deeper in the mountain called “The Horned Hold” and were able to buy a map from Gendar the Drow trader. As soon as they had rested the heroes left heading for the hold. The journey went smoothly and they found themselves looking at a hold built on both sides of a chasm, two bridges connecting the two sides. The gate was guarded by a portcullis and a room full of large, grey skinned orcs.

The party attempted to lue the Orcs out from the guardroom but without success and were forced to charge the gate. Kuron teleported into the guard chamber while Sk’ar through himself at the gate and attempted to tear it free. Straining he almost had it and then Nailin and Ailon added their strength to the task and it was torn from it’s lock allowing the company into the room. The fight with the Orc guards was a running fight to prevent them giving the alarm. Tristran’s mage hand spell shut the latch on the door and the last guard ran down the corridor and was about to escape when he was blasted by Kuron just a few feet from a door and escape.



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