Shadow Deeps

The Feast of Stephen

Season 2 Episode 1

Lord Padraig introduced the company to Nailin an Elven Ranger who had just arrived bearing news that a village, Riverdown, 50 miles away had been attacked by Hobgoblin slavers. Some of the villages who had escaped had overheard the slavers refer to themselves as “Bloodreavers”. Twelve villages had been taken and Nailin was trying to rescue them but had no clue to the whereabouts of the Bloodreavers base.

The party remembered a letter they found in the Keep on the Shadowfell which was an offer to buy slaves by Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers. The letter also mentioned “Duergur allies in Thunderspire”. Worried that a slaver gang was operating near Winterhaven, Lord Padraig suggested the company join up this the elf and travel to Thunderspire Mountain to either intercept the slavers if that was where they were heading or to get the dark dwarves to point them towards the Bloodreavers.

Gathering their kit the party set off at once guided by Nailin the Ranger. As they travelled they were enveloped by elven magic and they found the road seemed smoother, their packs lighter and that they were travelling much faster than usual. (Some might feel the heroes were rash not to have consulted with Valthrun the sage before rushing off but they were eager to try and catch up with the Bloodreavers.)

The party press on hard down the road to Fallcrest and several of the party members began to slow from fatigue. Towards the middle of the afternoon the air began to chill and the ground around then started to show signs of frost and then latter snow and ice. This alarmed the party as this was not normal weather for autumn in the Nentir vale also they could see hills in the distance which were green. They seemed to be entering a area of snow and cold only a few miles across. It began to snow as the company entered a wood, the road starting to vanish under a heavy 1’ blanket of snow. When they looked down their back trail they could see that they left very little sign of their passing even in the snow. The only one unfazed by their lack of tracks was Nailin or seemed to regard it as normal.

Looking out into the snow shapes began to appear, a bridge, a river, two wagons and capering goblins celebrating their victory over the merchants. The strangely blue tinted goblins saw the heroes at the same and screamed war cries. Some of the goblins took cover in amongst the wagons, including a Hexer, others charged towards the party seemingly unhampered by the snow and ice. Most of the party, being ranged combat specialists, took cover behind trees or on the ground. Sk’ar and Ailon charged forward heading for the Goblins in the wagons. The charging heroes were greatly hampered by the deep snow and made good targets for the Frost Goblin sharpshooters. One the right flank Nailin engaged a group of Frost Goblin’s in a deadly game of hide and seek amongst the trees, Elf longbow against Frost goblin hand crossbow. On the left flank Tristran and Kuron lay down a hail of magic on the advancing Frost Goblins. Tristran killed several and Kurin suppressed the snow a lot. In the centre after a lot of running Sk’ar and Ailon managed to reach the Goblins and cut them down.

The Hexer was smashed by a thundertusk boar strike from a longbow arrow and knocked backwards off the wagon he was standing in preparing to unleash a hex on Sk’ar and Kuron. The Hexer regained his feet and ran around the wagon to straight into a powerful charge from Sk’ar. Over the next 30 seconds the Hexer stumbled backwards failing time to cast hexes on Sk’ar until Sk’ar took his head off with a mighty blow just as Tristran’s magic missiles hit the Hexer.

A search of the wagons found a number of dead Wagoneers and draft animals plus a few trade goods. The Frost goblins had little on their bodies but the Hexer had an amulet with a Glyph which Kuron recognised as Fey although he couldn’t recall any more. Casting around the ambush site the party found a trail of goblin tracks and set off deeper intot he woods. After 20 min the train came to a sudden end in a clearing of old trees. Tristran and Kuron could both sense a taste of Feywild in the air and they surmised that this was a natural crossing point from the Feywild. The Frost goblins had therefore probably come raiding from the Feywild.

The company returned to the wagons and hid most of the trade goods only taking a few high value items. Then after a heated discussion set used the wagons as a pyre for the dead Wagoneers. Before pressing on for Fallcrest. After another day of travel the broken-down walls of Fallcrest came into sight a full day earlier than expected. The ranger’s elven magic having greatly reduced their travel time


Humff. Sounds like new Ranger not as good as Splug.

The Feast of Stephen

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