Shadow Deeps

So wrong, so quickly

Season 2 Episode 3

Once at the Hall the Company split up and gathered intelligence on the Bloodreavers. They found out that there were Drugar trading in the hall who were known to buy slaves. They also found out that the halls were run by the mysterious mages of Saurum. The next morning the company set off for the Chamber of Eyes guided by a map drawn by Rendil the Halfling. Armed with the map the company managed not to get lost and soon found themselves at the entrance to the chamber of eyes. Listening at the door the heroes could hear goblin guards talking on the other side. Sk’ar distracted the guards by demanding entrance while Nalin lead the rest of the company up onto a balcony and into the Bloodreavers lair via an unguarded back door. After many threats and indimidation, Sk’ar was able to bluff the goblins into opening the door. All this activity allowed the rest of the company to sneak up behind the goblin guards. Judging the time was right Sk’ar smashed his sword into the ear of the Bugbear guard commander and the rest of the party attacked from behind. The goblins put up a harder fight that the party expected and Alion came very close to being cut down. After the fight the company paused to listen and see if the alarm had been given and after assuming it hadn’t Kuron scouted out with all the skill of the human part of his halfelven heritage. Peaking around a door he came face to face with a pair of Drugar and mumbled some unconvincing excuse before shutting the door. Returning the party he was able to report “I may have mentioned the war but I think i got away with it” or words to that effect.

After spending 5-10 minutes checking out other rooms the party decided to proceed through a set of heavy looking double doors. Kuron the scout lead the way carefully opening one of the doors a crack and peeking through, unable to see any enemy he sliped into the room followed by Alion and Sk’ar, straight into a prepared ambush. Two giant Dire wolves leapt forward accompanied by two Drugar warriors, two or three Hobgoblin archers, possibly a Hobgoblin warcaster and a giant hobgoblin warrior.

“Fall back!” was the cry from Ailon and the after swapping a frantic exchange of blows the party retreated from the chamber. Unfortunately Ailon was unable to follow his own advice as he was smashed to the ground by a series of blows. Tristran stepped into the Feywild and grabbed the fallen Tiefling and dragged him bodily out of the room and down the corridor. Their ambushers slammed the doors shut and a silence filled the corridor as the heroes stood panting in the corridor wondering how it could go wrong so much, so quickly…



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