Shadow Deeps

A dam close run thing.

Season 2 Episode 4

The party used a couple of beds from the guard room to barricade the main corridor while they took a quick 10 minute breather to plan their next steps. Nalin the elf guarded the narrow corridor on one side of the guard room while Sk’ar stood guard behind the barricade. Nailin’s keen eleven hearing detected sounds from behind the door he was guarding and so he wasn’t surprised when the door was opened and he saw a mix of hobgoblins and humans massing for attack. The Bloodreavers had decided after taking a short break of their own to try and get a group around behind the party so they could catch them in a pincer movement. Within moments Nailin, Tristran and Ailon were deep in battle in the narrow corridor. Sk’ar stuck to his post for about 12 seconds before the sound of battle was to much for him and he vaulted the barricade and charged to join the fight through another door. Just as he joined Tristran showed a new spell and tossed a firewall in the chamber containing the Bloodreaver, in a sign that boded well for the future the fireball exploded hitting every Bloodreaver in the room.

While the heroes fought the flanking force the other half of the Bloodreaver pincer argued amongst themselves about whether they should wait in the chamber of eyes or charge out to the sound of the battle. Indecision cost them 30 or 40 seconds which was all it took for the heroes to cut down most of their foe in vicious hand to hand combat. By the time the second force through open the doors the first battle was almost over and the party left Sk’ar to finish off the remaining Bloodreavers while they turned to the new threat. Unfortunatly the confusion of battle had pulled the party out of position and Tristran had to use some fancy footwork to keep himself out of the jaws of some dire wolves while Kuron had to demonstrate his warrior skills in close combat against the same giant wolves. While this was happening Ailion and Nailin were involved in a shootout with hobgoblin archers backed up by a warcaster.

The fight was hard and dangerous for the whole party and by the time they won the party had used all their healing magic and drunk their healing potions. Only on Bloodreaver escaped, the Warcaster, who was able to run out of the chamber in to the darkness.

Never since the fight in the caves behind the waterfall has the heroes been pressed so hard in combat against a large group.

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