Shadow Deeps

The Horned Hold 4
Season 2 Episode 8

Exploring further on from the guard room the party decided to push open a set of ornate double doors. The doors opened into a chamber with two large magical, walk in sized fireplaces, one on each side of the room. However the heroes did not have much time to take in the layout of the room as there was a Duergar guard on each side of the door and a Duegar magician sitting at a table in the room. Using there momentary advantage of surprise the party attacked. Tristran and Kuron cast spells at the mage while Ailon charged one of the guards. Sk’ar was momentarily distracted by a lighting bold trap which exploded from the doorframe dropping Nailin like a log.

The Duergar proved to be tough opponents who used all their powers against the party. Ailon was hit with a super virulent poison and was unable to fight off it’s effect an collapsed poisoned to the ground, Coming late to the fight a Duergar chieftain joined the fight welding a flaming maul, which he used to knock Sk’ar back into the magical fires. Each time the Dragonkin charged out he would be knocked back into the fire. Only the paladin’s huge healing powers kept him alive. In the mean time Tristran was trying to hit the Duergar mage by sound alone having been blinded by foul magical vapours. Things were looking bad for the company but then one of the guards was taken down, then the mage, then tragically Kuron, then the second guard. Eventually only the Duergar leader was standing. The remaining party members concentrated on the Duergar desperately trying to take him down before Kuron expired. Although a mighty warrior the Duergar was unable to hold off the three party members and was cut down. Rushing over to Kuron the party were able to revive him just seconds before he would have expired. It was a victory to the party but only after one of their hardest fights.

After a short break the party explored further and entered into a chamber of pits containing three Duergar and two spiny Devils. The party charged the grey dwarfs while the devils flew up into the air and started throwing burning poisonous darts are the party. Luckily after the experience of the previous room the party had given amulets of health to the two lead warriors and both were immune to the devil’s poison. The guards were not the same quality as the previous guards and were soon dispatched. The devils unwilling to face the parties missile fire on their own fled the room. In the pits the party found 10 of the 12 missing villages.

The Horned Hold 3
Season 2 Episode 7

The company debated which bridge to cross and whether to attempt any tricks. Nailin wanted to rush the bridge whereas Ailon preferred the idea of attempting to disguise themselves as Orcs. In the end they went with the “plan” to rush the door. Nailin used his elven speed and Sk’ar carried a table using it as a giant shield. The party charged through the missile fire and slammed themselves into the iron bound Oak doors…and bounced. Various members of the company were shot during this assault. Summoning all their strength the party hurled themselves at the doors again and bounced again. Frustrated by their lack of progress Ailon started chopping at the doors with is great axe and within moments one of the double doors was open and handing off it’s hinges.

Once through the door the company made short work of the defending Duergar and their automatons. Pressing onwards the party entered a guard chamber and swiftly dealt with the defending Orc warriors and their Ogre champion. After a quick look around the party realized they had found one of the entrances to the Horned Hold on this side of the chasm.

The Horned Hold
Season 2 Episode 6

After a short pause to catch their breath the party advanced deeper into the hold. The next chamber contained the Duergar weaponsmith and his assistants. The fight was complicated by Duergar scouts who seemed to have the ability to vanish in plain sight. However in the end the company were victorious.

Pressing on further the party entered the Duergar dining hall and kitchens. Once again the party were taken by surprise, this time by one of the Gray Dwarfs growing to giant size in the middle of the battle. Luckily most of the other Duergar had been defeated by then and the heroes were able to concentrate their attacks and take him down quickly.

After a quick search the company found a few human slaves and set them free. The slaves keen to get back to their families took some arms and hastily left the halls. The search revealed the party had swept the Horned hold on this side of the chasm and that they would have to cross one of the two bridges.

The Horned Hold
Season 2 Episode 5

Exploring the Bloodreavers lair the company discovered that once again they were too late and the villages had been sold to the Duergar! Returning to the Seven-pillared hall the party visited the Grimmerzhul trading post in the hope of finding out where the Duergar had taken the slaves. A fight broke out and (not wanting to incur the wrath of the Mages of Saruun the company retired from the shop.

Later that day, in the Halfmoon Inn, while they planned their next course of actions the party were visited by one of the Mages of Saruun who, surprisingly, didn’t mention the trouble with the Duergar but instead offered the party a reward for looking into the activities of the mage Paldemar. The party accepted the quest (refusing didn’t seem a good idea) and then spent time restocking their healing potions and asking around the hall for information about the Duergar. They were able to find out that the Duergar had a base deeper in the mountain called “The Horned Hold” and were able to buy a map from Gendar the Drow trader. As soon as they had rested the heroes left heading for the hold. The journey went smoothly and they found themselves looking at a hold built on both sides of a chasm, two bridges connecting the two sides. The gate was guarded by a portcullis and a room full of large, grey skinned orcs.

The party attempted to lue the Orcs out from the guardroom but without success and were forced to charge the gate. Kuron teleported into the guard chamber while Sk’ar through himself at the gate and attempted to tear it free. Straining he almost had it and then Nailin and Ailon added their strength to the task and it was torn from it’s lock allowing the company into the room. The fight with the Orc guards was a running fight to prevent them giving the alarm. Tristran’s mage hand spell shut the latch on the door and the last guard ran down the corridor and was about to escape when he was blasted by Kuron just a few feet from a door and escape.

A dam close run thing.
Season 2 Episode 4

The party used a couple of beds from the guard room to barricade the main corridor while they took a quick 10 minute breather to plan their next steps. Nalin the elf guarded the narrow corridor on one side of the guard room while Sk’ar stood guard behind the barricade. Nailin’s keen eleven hearing detected sounds from behind the door he was guarding and so he wasn’t surprised when the door was opened and he saw a mix of hobgoblins and humans massing for attack. The Bloodreavers had decided after taking a short break of their own to try and get a group around behind the party so they could catch them in a pincer movement. Within moments Nailin, Tristran and Ailon were deep in battle in the narrow corridor. Sk’ar stuck to his post for about 12 seconds before the sound of battle was to much for him and he vaulted the barricade and charged to join the fight through another door. Just as he joined Tristran showed a new spell and tossed a firewall in the chamber containing the Bloodreaver, in a sign that boded well for the future the fireball exploded hitting every Bloodreaver in the room.

While the heroes fought the flanking force the other half of the Bloodreaver pincer argued amongst themselves about whether they should wait in the chamber of eyes or charge out to the sound of the battle. Indecision cost them 30 or 40 seconds which was all it took for the heroes to cut down most of their foe in vicious hand to hand combat. By the time the second force through open the doors the first battle was almost over and the party left Sk’ar to finish off the remaining Bloodreavers while they turned to the new threat. Unfortunatly the confusion of battle had pulled the party out of position and Tristran had to use some fancy footwork to keep himself out of the jaws of some dire wolves while Kuron had to demonstrate his warrior skills in close combat against the same giant wolves. While this was happening Ailion and Nailin were involved in a shootout with hobgoblin archers backed up by a warcaster.

The fight was hard and dangerous for the whole party and by the time they won the party had used all their healing magic and drunk their healing potions. Only on Bloodreaver escaped, the Warcaster, who was able to run out of the chamber in to the darkness.

Never since the fight in the caves behind the waterfall has the heroes been pressed so hard in combat against a large group.

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So wrong, so quickly
Season 2 Episode 3

Once at the Hall the Company split up and gathered intelligence on the Bloodreavers. They found out that there were Drugar trading in the hall who were known to buy slaves. They also found out that the halls were run by the mysterious mages of Saurum. The next morning the company set off for the Chamber of Eyes guided by a map drawn by Rendil the Halfling. Armed with the map the company managed not to get lost and soon found themselves at the entrance to the chamber of eyes. Listening at the door the heroes could hear goblin guards talking on the other side. Sk’ar distracted the guards by demanding entrance while Nalin lead the rest of the company up onto a balcony and into the Bloodreavers lair via an unguarded back door. After many threats and indimidation, Sk’ar was able to bluff the goblins into opening the door. All this activity allowed the rest of the company to sneak up behind the goblin guards. Judging the time was right Sk’ar smashed his sword into the ear of the Bugbear guard commander and the rest of the party attacked from behind. The goblins put up a harder fight that the party expected and Alion came very close to being cut down. After the fight the company paused to listen and see if the alarm had been given and after assuming it hadn’t Kuron scouted out with all the skill of the human part of his halfelven heritage. Peaking around a door he came face to face with a pair of Drugar and mumbled some unconvincing excuse before shutting the door. Returning the party he was able to report “I may have mentioned the war but I think i got away with it” or words to that effect.

After spending 5-10 minutes checking out other rooms the party decided to proceed through a set of heavy looking double doors. Kuron the scout lead the way carefully opening one of the doors a crack and peeking through, unable to see any enemy he sliped into the room followed by Alion and Sk’ar, straight into a prepared ambush. Two giant Dire wolves leapt forward accompanied by two Drugar warriors, two or three Hobgoblin archers, possibly a Hobgoblin warcaster and a giant hobgoblin warrior.

“Fall back!” was the cry from Ailon and the after swapping a frantic exchange of blows the party retreated from the chamber. Unfortunately Ailon was unable to follow his own advice as he was smashed to the ground by a series of blows. Tristran stepped into the Feywild and grabbed the fallen Tiefling and dragged him bodily out of the room and down the corridor. Their ambushers slammed the doors shut and a silence filled the corridor as the heroes stood panting in the corridor wondering how it could go wrong so much, so quickly…

Season 2 Episode 2

Once they arrived at Fallcrest the company gained an audience with the Lord Warden and briefed him of their adventures and about the kidnapped villagers from Riverdown. He was sympathetic but unable to release any of the city guard to hunt down the missing villages. Impressed by the heroes exploits he offered to make them knights in his employ but the heroes turned down his offer preferring to keep their freedom to pick and choose their adventures. Following the meeting with the Lord Warden the company made arrangements to stay over night in the town before setting off for Thunderspire Mountain. As usual the party could have endeavoured to research some information about the Thunderspire but choose not to, relying instead on their strong weapon arms to keep them out of trouble. Before they could make many plans the party received an invitation to visit Lady Allanda Markelhay. , wife of the Lord Warden and Mistress to Elisa Darkbane, whom the party rescued from kobolds some weeks ago. Lady Markelhay traded they the ritual to create magic items in return for a quest at an unspecified date in the future. Tristran being an Eldar and therefore needing very little sleep spend the night learning the ritual and enchanting Sk’ar’s plate armour in to Dwarven plate. Setting out the next morning the company marched hard and arrived at the impressive giant minatore statue flanked entrance to the Thunderspire, just hours after a band of Bloodreavers. Pressing into the mountain the party followed an impressive tunnel built to almost Dwarf standards. The outdoor skills of the elven ranger were of little use to the party in this underground environment and Tristran and Kuron’s dungeneering knowledge. After a couple of hours travel including a side trek in which they were possibly lured into an ambush by a Tiefling called Martaros the pary heard sounds of an argument and taunting coming from a side chamber. Looking inside they saw a harfling cornered by some Hobgoblins who liked like they might be Bloodbane. They charged in and after a short fight , in which noting of note happened apart from Ailon accidently paralysing Sk’ar in place for half the fight, rescued the thankful Halfling. The Halfling, who was called Rendil, confirmed that the Hobgoblins were indeed Bloodreavers and that he knew the location of their main base, the “Chamber of eyes”. Rendil promised to either give the party a map or to guide then there himself but first he took them to the Seven pillar hall, the equivalent to the local village. A place of relative safety and the only place in the Thunderspire you can get a pint of Ale.

The Feast of Stephen
Season 2 Episode 1

Lord Padraig introduced the company to Nailin an Elven Ranger who had just arrived bearing news that a village, Riverdown, 50 miles away had been attacked by Hobgoblin slavers. Some of the villages who had escaped had overheard the slavers refer to themselves as “Bloodreavers”. Twelve villages had been taken and Nailin was trying to rescue them but had no clue to the whereabouts of the Bloodreavers base.

The party remembered a letter they found in the Keep on the Shadowfell which was an offer to buy slaves by Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers. The letter also mentioned “Duergur allies in Thunderspire”. Worried that a slaver gang was operating near Winterhaven, Lord Padraig suggested the company join up this the elf and travel to Thunderspire Mountain to either intercept the slavers if that was where they were heading or to get the dark dwarves to point them towards the Bloodreavers.

Gathering their kit the party set off at once guided by Nailin the Ranger. As they travelled they were enveloped by elven magic and they found the road seemed smoother, their packs lighter and that they were travelling much faster than usual. (Some might feel the heroes were rash not to have consulted with Valthrun the sage before rushing off but they were eager to try and catch up with the Bloodreavers.)

The party press on hard down the road to Fallcrest and several of the party members began to slow from fatigue. Towards the middle of the afternoon the air began to chill and the ground around then started to show signs of frost and then latter snow and ice. This alarmed the party as this was not normal weather for autumn in the Nentir vale also they could see hills in the distance which were green. They seemed to be entering a area of snow and cold only a few miles across. It began to snow as the company entered a wood, the road starting to vanish under a heavy 1’ blanket of snow. When they looked down their back trail they could see that they left very little sign of their passing even in the snow. The only one unfazed by their lack of tracks was Nailin or seemed to regard it as normal.

Looking out into the snow shapes began to appear, a bridge, a river, two wagons and capering goblins celebrating their victory over the merchants. The strangely blue tinted goblins saw the heroes at the same and screamed war cries. Some of the goblins took cover in amongst the wagons, including a Hexer, others charged towards the party seemingly unhampered by the snow and ice. Most of the party, being ranged combat specialists, took cover behind trees or on the ground. Sk’ar and Ailon charged forward heading for the Goblins in the wagons. The charging heroes were greatly hampered by the deep snow and made good targets for the Frost Goblin sharpshooters. One the right flank Nailin engaged a group of Frost Goblin’s in a deadly game of hide and seek amongst the trees, Elf longbow against Frost goblin hand crossbow. On the left flank Tristran and Kuron lay down a hail of magic on the advancing Frost Goblins. Tristran killed several and Kurin suppressed the snow a lot. In the centre after a lot of running Sk’ar and Ailon managed to reach the Goblins and cut them down.

The Hexer was smashed by a thundertusk boar strike from a longbow arrow and knocked backwards off the wagon he was standing in preparing to unleash a hex on Sk’ar and Kuron. The Hexer regained his feet and ran around the wagon to straight into a powerful charge from Sk’ar. Over the next 30 seconds the Hexer stumbled backwards failing time to cast hexes on Sk’ar until Sk’ar took his head off with a mighty blow just as Tristran’s magic missiles hit the Hexer.

A search of the wagons found a number of dead Wagoneers and draft animals plus a few trade goods. The Frost goblins had little on their bodies but the Hexer had an amulet with a Glyph which Kuron recognised as Fey although he couldn’t recall any more. Casting around the ambush site the party found a trail of goblin tracks and set off deeper intot he woods. After 20 min the train came to a sudden end in a clearing of old trees. Tristran and Kuron could both sense a taste of Feywild in the air and they surmised that this was a natural crossing point from the Feywild. The Frost goblins had therefore probably come raiding from the Feywild.

The company returned to the wagons and hid most of the trade goods only taking a few high value items. Then after a heated discussion set used the wagons as a pyre for the dead Wagoneers. Before pressing on for Fallcrest. After another day of travel the broken-down walls of Fallcrest came into sight a full day earlier than expected. The ranger’s elven magic having greatly reduced their travel time

Celebrate victory when you can
Season 2 Trailer

After finishing their map the party returned to the surface.  Splug told them that he was planning on journeying north to the Cairngorm Mountains, with his share of the treasure and his magic sword he felt he would soon be a chief amongst his kind.

Once again the company followed the increasingly familiar paths back to the small fortified village of Winterhaven.  Unlike the last time they returned the gates are open and the full of good cheer over the defeat of the kobold raiders and the undead in the cemetery two days before.  The party settled back into Wrafton’s Inn, Salvana Wrafton the proprietor informed them that Lord Padraig had told her to prepare a feast on their return to celebrate their victory over the forces of evil.

The feast was the social highlight of the year, with speeches and many tall tales and for once the  heroes did not have to dip into the company coffers to pay for food or drink.  Everyman wanted to buy the heroes a drink and every woman wanted to give them a kiss, even Sk’ar. Valthrun the Prescient sage took compious notes.  Old Eilan took no notes but great interest and especially wanted to know about any orgies/semi-naked dancing girls they had encountered.

The next morning the village square was taken over by a bustling market full of villages looking for an excuse to shop and socialise. Farmers selling products, hunters hawking smoked meats, and villages selling craft items.   The only things which were not on obvious sale were  armour, weapons, implements or magic items.  For those items the heroes knew they would have to visit Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe on the far side of the square.  Standing behind a small still covered in wildflowers and bunches of herbs was Delphine Moongem the elven flower picker.  She was hugging and greeting a competent looking male elf in travel stained clothing.  The more observant members of the company noticed a family resemblance between the two of them.

Sister Linora wove through the small crowd and approached the heroes. “Can you come and speak with Lord Padraig and me?  We have received some worrying news and we would like to consult with you…

The Road to Tomorrows
Season 1 Episode 9

>Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.

The next morning the party celebrated the return of a weakened but alive Curon. It seemed that the Raven Queen  wasn’t in a hurry to receive her due, after all, now, 2 years from now or 100 years,  everyone gets to meet her.  Once Curon was back with the party they tried to decide how they might discover the identity of the  spy.  They tried several plans including sending Splug to Delphina Moongem to pose as a fellow spy.  Unfortunately as she wasn’t the traitor this only managed to cause some excitement until everyone was calmed down.

As the sun climbed towards it’s zenith, and undead forces would be at their weakest,  the company left the safely of the town and advanced on the Graveyard.  It was surrounded by a high fence and contained a number of crypts as well as the usual tombstones.  There appeared to be some sort of magic circle on the ground deep inside the graveyard although the magicians were not able to tell what type.  Moving in a loose circle the party advanced down the path and made the wise decision to check each crypt as they reached it rather than go straight to the circle. 

Kicking open the first door Ailon was only a little surprised when two skeletons sprang out at him protecting their mistress, Ninaran the Ranger.  While Ailon fought the skeletons Ninaran  sprang out of the crypt with all the agility of her elven race. At the same time hords of undead burst out of the ground all around the graveyard and two giant Gravehounds burst out of a large crypt and raced across the graveyard towards Tristan.  As an elven ranger, Ninaran, was deadly at range in open terrain, unfortunately for her she was in close combat with a 7’ Dragonborn warrior.  Her death was very swift.

Mean while Tristran and Curon were in close combat with the gravehounds.  Despite being specialists in ranged combat they acquitted themselves very well.  Ailon easily finished off the two skeletons in front of him and Splug demonstrated what a ranger can do when he does have range on his side.

Once the undead were destroyed the party investigated the circle and discovered it was a ritual for raising undead supplied to Ninaran by Kalarel.

After a brief rest the party returned to the Keep of the Shadowfell.  Once there they revisited Sir Keegan.  Sk’ar was worried that the rift was unprotected and whether he should stay to keep the rift guarded.  Sir Keegan told the party that as the stars changed their alignment the rift, although still a danger, would be far harder to breach and there was no need for Sk’ar to stay.  Sir Keegan would continue his duties and would contact them if evil arose again.  The party then returned the statuettes of Barhamut to their hiding place in the alter.

The company then explored and mapped the final remaining area of the Keep, the Maze of caves.  Once again Splug took up the role of scout. It was uncertain whether this was because he was willing to earn his full share or whether he wanted to be separate from the party and in the shadows if they were attacked.

The caves proved to be full of giant rats, to Sk’ar’s culinary delight, and  Kruthik, giant lizard/insects, which Tristran had fought before and which gave they party a tough fight.  The final encounter was at a pair of giant bronze doors with a warning scratched into them.  Splug confirmed this had been the water supply before it was sealed at the order of the Hobgoblins.  Inside the company found a 30’ chamber mostly filled with a pool of still water.  Still until the giant Blue slime burst out of it and attacked the party.   The party managed to get themselves split up, half in the water cave and half in the corridor.   This turned a hard fight in to a very hard fight but in the end they won.

They were able to recover a number of items of treasure including a Potion of Healing, a Shield of Protection and a message cylinder containing three sheets of vellum.  The first was a map showing the location of the Keep from the King’s road, the second  instructions to sabotage the keeps water supply if Kalarel  was not “receptive to our offer” (and a warning to run away very quickly after throwing the blue gen in to the water supply).  The final sheet holds a letter written in common,
“Greetings Kalarel, I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in the region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have Duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested send an envoy back to me. My messenger will show the way”.  It is signed Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers.

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