Races of Fallcrest and the Nentir vale

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Races of the Nentir Vale

Some of the races that can be found in the Nentir Vale include:


No dragonborn are native to Fallcrest, but travelers occasionally pass through and take up work for a time, especially as bodyguards or caravan guards.


A fair number of dwarves live in Fallcrest, so a dwarf character could easily be a native of the city. If not, the nearest dwarven homeland is Hammerfast, a week's travel distant. Merchants and crafters from Hammerfast travel to Fallcrest to trade or work, lodging in one of the local inns for a few weeks.


Eladrin are not often seen in Fallcrest. Some of the old manors in the Moon Hills and the nearby parts of the Vale were once the homes of well-off eladrin families. A few make their home in the Feywild, primarily dwelling in fortresses along the Winterbole Forest or Dawnforge Mountains.


Elves are also scarce in Fallcrest, but a small number reside in and around the town. Elves from outside Fallcrest might belong to the Woodsinger clan from the Harkenwold Forest.


A small number of half-elves reside in Fallcrest or the vicinity. Most are well-off farmers or herders living in the Moon Hills near the town; the rest are expert artisans-jewelers, tailors, or woodworkers- in the town.


Halflings are the second most abundant race in the Nentir Vale, next to humans. A number of halflings live in Fallcrest, managing merchant houses or providing other services to travelers. Quite a few are well known scouts and guides.


Most of the population of Fallcrest and the Netir vale are human. Characters with rural backgrounds probably come from the nearby Moon hills, urban characters from Fallcrest itself.


Two tiefling houses, the Naerumars and the Azaers, call the Nentir Vale home. Both of them are descended from ancient Bael Turathian dynasties and both maintain major businesses in the region.

Races of Fallcrest and the Nentir vale

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