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 +1 Bloodcut Hide Armour (840gp value)

Suit of red tinged hide armour

+1 bonus to AC. Daily power, minor action, only if bloodied, Gain resist 10 until the end of next turn.


+1 Dwarven Chain Mail (520gp value)

+1 AC, +1 Enduranch checks, Daily power – Free action – regain hits points as if you had spent a healing surge.


+1 Amulet of Health (680gp value)

Gold locket with floral pattern engraved on its side.

Provided the wearer with +1 bonus to fortitude, reflex and will defence, as well as resist poision 5.


Flameburst Throwing Hammer of Thorin BluesteelFlameburst Dwarven Throwing Hammer

Level 3  weapon (680gp value)

  • Enhancments +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls.
  • Critical +1d6 fire damage
  • Power (Daily : Fire) Minor Action. The next ranged basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of your turn becomes a bust 1 centured on the target. Use you normal ranged attack, but against Reflex. Each target hit takes 5 fire damage ongoing (save ends).

Like most magic throwing weapons the hammer returns to the hand of the thrower or to his feet if his hands are full. Catching the returning hammer is a free action.


Staff of the white War Mage

level 3 Item (680gp value)

+1 enhancment bonus to all attack rolls and damage rolls. On a critical hit it does an extra 1d8+1 damage.

Power (Daily) Free action. User can increase the size of a blast or burst by 1.

Magic Items

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