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Characters Trained in History know the following information:

Recent history:

  • Much of the world falls to darkness. Only a few points of light exist holding back the dark
  • 90 years ago FallCrest was distroyed by the Bloodspear Orcs
  • The Nerath empire fell to dark forces
  • The good Human empire of Nerath rose to power following the distruction of Bael Turath and Arkhosia

Less-ancient times:

  • The two empires are destoyed in the fighting.  Razortear: one of the last stands of the dragonborn, with more than ½ million tieflings laying siege to the dragonborn for more than 10 years. The tieflings dug a huge tunnel to win the battle.
  • Arkhosia empire founded by the dragonborn. 
  • Bael Turath founded by devil-worshipping humans who become the first tieflings.
  • Hobgoblins once had an empire in which bugbears and goblins were their servants. This empire fell to internal strife and interference from otherworldly forces-perhaps the fey, whom many goblins hate.

Ancient times:

  • Dwarves are enslaved by giants.
  • The drow, eladrin, and elves all split from each other.


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