Shadow Deeps

Getting Out Is Harder Than Getting In
Season 1 Episode 8

Recognising Ailon’s magic armour Tristan and Sk’ar leapt forward and grabbed the arm and pulled hard. The darkness didn’t want to let go and clung onto Ailon like quicksand but they were determined not  to lose him again and they heaved him out of the darkness.

After a short celebration the heroes decided that they needed to return back to Winterhaven quickly before it was attacked by the undead army they had heard about.  They suspected that the attack may have been stopped by the death of Kalarel but they were not going to take the chance the attack would still take place.

Splug lowered the lift platform down from the level above and once the party were all reunited in the Cathedral of Shadow above the Shadow Rift chamber, he showed them the broken shards of the Clay Scout.  If Splug’s description of the fight was accurate he had only just been able to defeat the creature after a deadly game of cat and mouse in the flickering blue-green light of the chamber’s shadows.  (He also took the opportunity to remind them that he had been offered a full party share during the desperation of the final battle.)

All that was needed was for the company to return back through the castle.  They say money is not a motivator but that must not apply to Goblins because Splug took the lead and began scouting ahead of the party, leading then back through the rooms and passageways.

As they passed back through the Ghoul warren Splug found a magical bag of holding which was quickly taken by Curon as the company treasurer.

Unable to resist a closed door the party decided to take a short side trek down a sealed passage way they had ignored and walked into an ambush by Corruption Corpses.  Once again Sk’ar’s radiant blade delivered massive damage to the undead and stopped their regeneration. As the party fought the undead monsters Curon, who had been standing in a passageway was struck from behind by a glistening, almost invisible membrane. He quickly teleported back behind the glistening wall, positioning himself to give the others a chance to flank the creature. However the Gelatinous cube was quicker than he anticipated and it ran him down engulfing him.  For a heartbeat Tristran considered teleporting himself into the monster to try and rescue his comrade be he realised he would never be able to escape.  Alion and Sk’ar continued to fight the undead while Splug and Tristran concentrated their fire on the Cube.  In less than a minute the undead had been destroyed and also the Cube but dazed and paralysed in the centre of the creature Curon had died. It seemed that the Raven Queen was not to be cheated that day and one of the party was due to die after all.

 Placing his body in the sack of holding the party returned to Winterhaven.  There was one more area to explore and map which was the Maze of caves but they decided to they would return for that another day.

Creasing a rise on the Winterhaven road the company were glad to see that it did not seem to be under attack and undamaged.  Although as they got closer they could see the gates were closed and guards were posted on the walls.  Lord Padraig called for the gates to be opened as they approached and hurried the party into the Inn.  Several of the guards and towns people sent hostile looks in the direction of Splug but no one did anything as they could see he had the protection of the heroes.  

“We are in peril! Villages have been disappearing and the dead in the cemetery have risen.  We fear they will assault the town walls”, Lord Padraig explained.

The party reassured him they would investigate the graveyard but not until the following morning, first they wanted to lay their fallen comrade in the temple and have a night rest. At the temple the heroes consulted with Sister Linora and explained how Curon has fallen in battle against evil.  After praying for guidance to Avandra, Sister Linora agreed to perform a raise dead ritual on the falled hero providing the party funded the materials.  Luckly they could and Curon’s body was left on the altar for Linora to pray over.  Ailon took the opportunity to pray to Bahamut  for his deliverance from the Shadowfell due to the blessed statuette.

The Rift onto the Shadowfell
Season 1 Episode 7

Pressing on through the doors the company entered what seemed a maze of twisting passages.  The rank smell of rotting flesh assailed their nostrils closely followed by waves of zombies.   Taking up a defensive position and fighting on two fronts, the heroes held off the zombie hordes.  Then sprinting quickly through the undead came the agile skinny form of a Ghoul which pounced onto Curon paralysing him with it’s poisonous claws.  At the same time Sk’ar was dazed by a mind blast from a small winged clay scout.  For a moment things looked tricky until Tristran, using his fire burst spells, was able to clear a path to Curon allowing Sk’ar to charge in and engage the Ghoul.  The balance of the fight swung back to the parties favour although the clay scout was able to flee the combat and the heroes were too shaken to charge after it without a rest.

After a rest the company followed the path taken by the fleeing scout and entered, the Cathedral of Shadow, a large chamber filled with green glowing pillars and streams of blood.  The floor of the room contained a black pit descending to a lower level but before the party out explore they had to face the cultists who had been warned of the party’s presence by the fleeing scout before it flew down into the pit to warn Kalarel the leaver of this cult of Orcus.

The fight was hard; the party were attacked from behind by a nest of vampires lead by a shadow creeper and attacked from the front by a berserker of Orcus and a priest. Considering the quality of their opponents the fight went very well for the heroes, possibly a little too well as with only a short rest they decided to descend to the lower level and (although they did not know it) to face the leader of all the cult activity.

Kalarel had been forwarded by the clay scout and as Sk’ar started to descend the slippery chains that hung down into the shadow rift chamber Kalarel blasted him off the chains with a Decaying Ray.  Sk’ar fell into the pool of blood in the centre of the chamber which stopped the fall being fatal although still leaving him badly wounded.  The rest of the party swiftly descended to support Sk’ar, most of them too swiftly due to the slippery chains.  With a magical gesture Kalarel teleported across the chamber to a glowing magic circle situated in front of a portal of total darkness, the portal rift onto the Shadowfell.

The fight was very very hard.  Kalarel as a Scion of Orcus was a match for the whole party. A Deathlock Wight hampered the party’s ability to manuver by using it’s Grave bold to immobilize several party members.  Sk’ar despaired of the company’s ability to defeat Kalarel. He never  stepped back from the fight but the expectation of defeat was obvious to those around him.  Concentrating his attacks on the paladin, Kalarel struck him down with a blow of his Rod of Ruin.  Ailon leapt forward taking the Scion of Orcus’s attention for a few vital seconds, long enough for Tristan to medic the fallen Paladin.   Rising to his feet the dragonborn slammed all of his 6’7” bulk against Kalarel and after a brief tussle was able to drive him out of the protective circle in which he was standing. Enraged Kalarel struck down the Warlord and resumed his fight with the holy warrior.

In the mean time Curon was engaged in a magical duel with the Deathlock Wight, trying to keep it’s attention on himself and away from his battle brother’s fight with Kalarel.  At the same time in the cathedral of Shadow, one floor above, Splug and the Clay Scout engaged in a battle of goblin cunning and stealth against psychic attacks and invisibility as earlier the company had called up to Splug offering him a full share if he joined in the fight.

Several times Sk’ar was driven to his knees and several times he was helped to his feet by the mage standing behind him.  By now the Paladin had lost any fear of death and was now laughing in it's face of death as he swung Aecris at his foe.   Worryingly black tendrils reaching blindly out from the black portal had hooked onto Ailon’s unconscious body and were dragging the Warlord towards the portal.

Finally just as defeat loomed over them Kalarel was struck by both blade and spell at the same time and mortally wounded.  As his body fell a tendril whipped out from the Shadowfell and pulled him dying through the rift. Rushing forward to Ailon, Tristran was unable to reach him before the tentacles pulled him to the portal and pulled the dying Warlord, to his death in the Shadowfell.

Although they had achieved a great victory it had been at a great price…the death of a hero…silence filled the chamber.


RING!!! Like an arm breaking the surface of a tar pit, a scale armoured hand clutching a small dragon statuette of Bahamut drove out of the matt blackness of the rift to the Shadowfell and slammed the metal base down onto the flagstone floor before starting to slide back towards the inky darkness.


See Sk'ar's diary entry here

a damm close run thing
Season 1 Episode 6

As the party pressed on they came face to face with a Hobgoblin who ducked back around a corner.  Knowing that they could not give the Hobgoblins time to organise the Company charged around the corner and into a Hobgoblin barracks.  Once again the Hobgoblin’s tried to use their shieldwall tactics but this time they were caught out of formation and despite having a Warcaster on their side they were swiftly over come.

Feeling full of confidence the Company advanced deeper into the dungeon carefully avoiding a trap which would have dropped a portcullis and blocked the corridor.  Entering a small room dominated by a table covered in papers and sketches of battle plans they were ambushed by the Hobgoblin Warchief and his guards.  Curon was pressed into the corner by two Hobgoblin grunts, while Sk’ar and Ailon were engaged by Hobgoblin soldiers in shieldwall.  The Warchief, knowing the danger a mage could pose to his men, charged across the room at Tristran.  Things looked bad for our heroes.

With a sweep of his hand Tristran opened a portal into the FeyWild and stepped across the room and away from the Warchief.  In a blast of magic Curon and Tristran cut down the hobgoblin grunts trapping him in the corner and allowing him to move alongside his fellow mage.

Sk’ar and Ailon fought hard against the two soldiers and their Warchief, giving as good as they got but outnumbered as they were it seemed they would fall in moments.  Using all his Warlord battle training Ailon was able to force one of the soldiers out of position, seeing the weakness in the Hobgoblin formation, Sk’ar was able to cut down the other soldier. The battle was swinging back to the party’s favour but Ailon was sorely wounded as was Sk’ar and the Hobgoblin Warchief was relatively unmarked. The magic users continued to unleash spells against the Hobgoblins from across the room.  The Warchief’s defences were excellent but his offensive skills did not match as after a close fight in which a single hit could have made the difference the Hobgoblin’s were defeated.

Amongst the loot was a vicious looking short sword, nice but not immediately useful to the party therefore it was passed to Splug as part of his share of the loot.  He seemed very pleased to receive the magic weapon and took a few practice swiped in a surprisingly competent way.  Sk’ar jokes to Ailon that a weapon like that could make a goblin a chieftain.

Despite their wounds the heroes chose to press on worried that the evil plans of Kalarel and his death cult would come to fruition if given much longer.  They found a side corridor closed by a door with a sign reading “Closed” across it.  Curon noticed how the door would still open as the sign was nailed to the door frame and the door opened away.  Choosing not to follow that path the company advanced down another corridor and found a large room dominated by a big statue and containing several smaller ones as well.  Recalling tails of other adventurers they feared a trap and realised they would need to rest before tackling this room and they returned to the War chief’s chamber using the portcullis to seal the corridor.

Returning after several hours rest the party advanced into the room. As they suspected it was a trap room.  The giant statue spun, the statues of drakes spat fire and the cherubs were a watery death trap.  Ailon made a spectacularly bad jump at the large statue’s base as did Sk’ar.  Tristran used his magic missiles to destroy the trap’s mechanisms.   Curon was caught in the watery whirlpool death trap but called on his eldritch powers and teleported outside of it before it could spin up to full speed.  Although the traps were dangerous the company overcame them all and soon were left with the choice of returning to the blocked side passage or pressing on through the double doors out of the trap chamber.

See Sk'ar's comments here

A tomb, a sword, a shieldwall
Season 1 Episode 5

After leaving the dead (again) zombies the company entered a long chamber with sarcophagus lined walls.  The sarcophagi were inscribed with writings in runic high Dragon, much to the interest of Sk’ar.  As the advanced down the room to a lit area at the far end skeleton guardians burst out of the sarcophagi and attacked.  As soon as the heroes cut on down another sprang from a sarcophagus and joined the fight.  For a moment things seemed to be starting to swing against the company but the undead reinforcements started to appear more infrequently and soon all the skeletons had been defeated. 

Moving deeper into the room the party discovered a shrine to Bahamut and the tomb of Sir Kegan the original guardian of the Rift on the Shadowfell.   Rising as a wraith Sir Kegan challenged the party to convince him of their good intentions.  Lead by Tristran, who had discovered the tomb, the party convinced Sir Kegan they were noble heroes.  Feeling drawn to a fellow Paladin of Bahamut, Sir Kegan bequeathed his ancient sword, Aecris, to Sk’ar.

Leaving the tomb the company, known to Sk’ar at least as the Bloodbane, wandered the catacombs jumping over several evil symbols of terror which guarded parts of the passages.  After some time the party came to stairs leading down which Splug confirmed lead to the Hobgoblin levels.  The party descended the stairs trying to get Splug to trick any guards that they were a group of Hobgoblins fleeing from the first level.  Unfortunately the Hobgoblins had strict orders to attack anyone not using the correct challenge phase and the party found themselves in a battle on the stairs.

Up to now the party had only fought small poorly organised humanoids, individually brave and dangerous but not trained to fight as a unit.  The Hobgoblin guards however formed up shoulder to shoulder each using his shield and movements to aid his battle brother’s defence.  Soon the air was filled with the sounds of Sk’ar’s curses as blow after blow failed to penetrate the Hobgoblin’s defences.  Luckily the rest of the company had a range of skills not reliant in defeating the armour of their foe and the Hobgoblins reinforcement’s rushing up to reinforce their battle brothers.  Realising he could not penetrated their defences Sk’ar used his size to drive the Hobgoblins off the stairs and into their guard chamber. 

At the start of the encounter two Hobgoblins ran into a back chamber and it became why when they returned with their pet Death jump spider.  It was as big as a horse and covered in black and grey stripes.  Leaping the length of the room it smashed down on Ailon the Warlord.  However not one to go down easily he rolled from side to side avoiding the spider’s poisoned bites.  Curon seemed unphased by the presence of a giant spider and continued to curse the remaining Hobgoblins.  Telling Splug to catch hold of his robe, Tristran stepped into the Feywild and took himself and the goblin to a safer place than next to the Deathjump spider. Realising it could not kill the Warlord and that it’s escape route was clear the spider jumped up the stairs and escaped only to run into the Terror wards and return at twice the speed and be cut down.

Sk’ar shield bashed one of the remaining hobgoblin soldiers into an open well and engaged one of the two remaining Hobgoblins.  The one unengaged Hobgoblin turned and ran calling out he would get the Captain.  Curon’s bolt took him in the back of the neck and he died before he could reach the exit.

The remaining Hobgobin’s were quickly dispatched and the party had won the battle of the guard room.

 For Sk'ar's version see his diary

Through the Goblin lair
Season 1 Episode 4

>Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.

  After some debate the Company decided to allow Splug to accompany them in return for carrying spare equipment and providing intelligence on goblin activity within the Keep.

Splug told the heroes the location of the Goblin chieftan’s lair.  Sk’ar lead the way and burst into the lair taking the goblins by surprise.  Curon hung back keeping an eye on Splug.  The fight was hard and involved running around burning curtains but in the end the goblins were defeted.

Following a secret passage the heroes stumbled into a Goblin excavation.  The dig site was difficult to get around as it consisted of pillars of earth connected by thin planks.  Several party members fell to the floor of the dig and had to fight off a ferocious guard drake.  The biggest threat however was the veteran goblin skirmishers who peppered the party with crossbow bolts. Curon was dropped with a sucking chest wound and was only saved by Tristran pulling him through the Feywild to a place of safety.  After the fight Sk’ar found a magical symbol of Bahamut which he hung around his neck.

After taking stock of their injuries and magical reserves the company decided to hold up in the old Goblin lair over night. In the morning they decided to avoid the tunnels opposite the Goblin lair and instead descended into the catacombs.  These proved to be a maze of dark damp tunnels with magical symbols of terror blocking sever passageways.  Following what appeared to be a clear path the heroes were lead to a chamber in which they were attacked by a large group of shambling zombies.  Despite being out numbered the heroes quickly defeated their undead attackers.



Read Sk'ar version in his diary

A Rescue. A Descent.
Season 1 Episode 3

>Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.


The though of just how much the Sk'ar and Ailon would suffer while being sacrificed to Orcus was the only thing which saved them from being gutted slowly over a hot fire by the surviving Kobolds, that and the Goblin leader's double handed axe. Instead of killing them the Kobolds roughly bound the heroes and dragged them and their equipment into an alcove.

Lesser mortals would probably have died from their wounds or at least remained unconscious but both Sk'ar and Ailon were conscious and struggling against their bonds when Curon stealthily slid around the wall into the alcove. Stealthily being a relative term as the sound of the waterfall across the cave entrance muffled most sounds apart from the Kobolds singing the death chant over the loss of their comrades.

Once Curon and Tristran had rescued and armed their comrades they charged deeper into the caves fighting and killing the remaining Kobolds and the Goblin chief. Considering how hard the previous fight had been the rematch was a lot easier. Amongst the treasure was a Dwarf forged suit of chain armour which was given to Ailon. Also in the treasure was a note confirmed the Kobolds were part of the Death cult the party were seeking and that there was a spy in Winterhaven who had reported that they were in the area.

Both of the company's spy suspects were absence on their return to Winterhaven . Some of the party thought it was Delphina Moongem and others thought Ninaran the Hunter. There did however seem to be a cold chill running through the town and all the townfolk seemed strangely subdued. There was some good news however, Valthrun the Prescient had some lore on the keep and confirmed that it had been built on top of a rift leading to a temple of Orcus in the Shadowfell. A century ago a paladin of Bahumut had lead the garrison of the keep with a duty to keep the rift closed however he's gone mad and murdered his wife, children and many of his fellow knights before fleeing deep into the dungeons of the keep, never to be seen again.

After sharing their knowledge with Lord Padraig in case they didn't return the company set off for the Keep on the Shadowfell. Despite the rumours of Goblins they reached the ruins without any encounters and headed down into the chambers beneath the keep. The entry chamber was guarded by a bang of apparently elite goblin warriors and a stuck trap door. The heroes were victorious but not before a Goblin warrior fled to the east. The company therefore header west and heading screams burst into a torture chamber filled with Goblins and a Hobgoblin Torturer whom they defeated with surprising ease and found he was wearing a suit of red tinged magical hide armour

In one of the cells they found a surprisingly charismatic, although snivling, Goblin called Splug who offered to serve them and act as their guide if only they would free him.

See also Sk'ar's diary

Company's exp at this point is:  5475exp (1368 each)

Burial Site and the Kobold Lair
Season 1 Episode 2

Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.

A steep sided quarry punctured the wilderness. Near the centre, several humanoid figures clustered around a collection of bones. A small dragon like creature near the rim of the quarry sat alert and watched the companies approach. 

 A halfling in the centre called out “You can't fully appreciate it up there. Come down here and see what we have discovered”

As the heroes approached the halfling pulled a crossbow out from under his cloak and fired at the party and then vanished into thin air.  The four human workers then charged the party supported by the guard drake while another halfling, this time armed with a sling opened fire from the top of the cliff.  It soon became apparent that the treasure hunters had made a mistake attacking the party as they died in just a few seconds of combat.

After a quick search the heroes discovered the missing adventurer, an ancient nerath mirror and an Amulet of health.  The amulet was Douven Staul's which he gave to the party after removing his wife's picture.

The part escorted Douven safely back to Winterhaven and spend an evening in the Inn telling everyone of their exploits.

The next morning the party headed off into the Wilderness looking for the Waterfall lair of the death cult. Around lunchtime they arrived advanced through a small glade of trees leading up to a cliffside waterfall, where there could see a number of kobolds just visible through the trees.

The party charged the kobolds  who were able to only put up a little resistance however one managed to run screaming into the caves beside the waterfall.  The heroes charged in after the kobold and into a much large group on the inside of the caves.  The fight was hard but the party was starting to gain the upper hand when a horn sounded and kobold re-enforcements arrived lead by a powerful looking goblin armed with a double handed axe.

The Warlock leaped forward starting to unleash a powerful spell on a kobold Wyrmpriest but foolishly ignoring the kobold Dragonshield he ran past.  With a flick of his blade the Dragonshield cut down the Warlock and advanced on the Warlord. Seeing the danger the Wizard blasted fire across the chamber killing a couple of kobolds but unfortunately dropping the Warlock who was just starting to get up off the floor.  Things were starting to go badly for the heroes.

Each hero was trapped in a fight with a  kobold hero and their supporting minions.  Unable to concentrate their attacks and suffering greatly from the damage inflected by the minions the heroes began to fall.  Seeing Sk'ar and Ailon fall, Tristran turned and ran out of the caves, slowing down only long enough to fire magic missiles back at the kobolds.  Curon the Warlock retreated down a side passage keeping up a sustained firefight with the kobold Wyrnpriest.  Luckly for the warlock the gobin and the remaining kobolds didn't chase him as they assumed he was running.  By the time they realised the warlock was delaying his retreat to fight the Wyrmpriest it was too late and the kobold priest was dead and the Warlock was running for the outside.  

The last words he heard before exiting the case were “Take them captive. They will make powerful sacrifices for Kalarel”


See also

Keep on the Shadowfell
Season 1 Episode 1

Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.


The wind in their faces was cool and comfortable and the road beneath their feet was level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeked through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect of what once must have been a major roadway of the Nerath empire.


After a couple of days on the road our heroes were at least getting close to their destination the town of Winterhaven. The adventuring company consisted of; Sk'ar the Dragonborn Paladin of Bahmut, An Eldarin Wizard who wished to be know as Tristran (presumably wishing to keep his true identity a secret), Curon a halfelven Warlock armed with a wicked looking hook knife and Ailon a Tiefling Warlord with highly polished horns.


With a shriek, small creatures hiding behind some rocks sprang into view and charged the party. The small humanoids were scaled and rust coloured with reptilian heads and tails.


“Kobolds!” roared Sk'ar having fought them in his earlier adventures.


The kobolds were a mixed bunch including a dangerous looking champion using a red dragon's scale as a shield and a slinger equipped with a variety of exotic missiles. Charging into the front flank of the party the kobolds concentrated their attacks on the lightly armoured spell casters. With a shimmering stride Tristran used his Fey step power to step through the Faywild and away from the kobolds. Following the shock of the initial attack the heroes were able to gain the upper hand and killed the kobolds. The fight bloodied the company and proved the danger of being ambushed and not being able to maneuver freely. Sk'ar was surprised the kobolds had fought to the death and wondered what could make them fight to the end rather than run when things turned against them?


The company pressed on and arrived at Winterhaven after a couple more hours. Once at Winterhaven they explored the small town (little more than a fortified village) and asked questions about the various quests which had brought them here.


Missing Man – The uncle of Elisa Darkbane had gone missing looking for a dragon's tomb somewhere in the area. Elisa asked the heroes if they could look for him?


Ruins of Empire – Winterhaven is within the shadow of an old Nerath keep which has fallen into decay and ruin. A scholar Parle Cranewing offered the party 250gp for a complete floor plan of the keep and a map to it's location.


Ominous signs – Sk'ar and Curon had been asked by Father Grundelmar a priest of Pelor in Fallcrest to investigate rumours of a death cult in the Winterhaven area. A small group of death cultists lead by a dangerous and twisted priest called Kalarel had been seen travelling in the direction of Winterhaven. The priest offered 250gp for bringing back proof the cult had been destroyed and its plan disrupted.






While in conversation with Lord Padraig the company took on a minor quest to confront the kobolds who have been raiding the outlying farms and the road. Lord Padraig agreed to pay 100gp for dispatching the creatures.


The company decided that the quest to rescue Elisa's uncle was the most pressing and set off looking for the Dragon's tomb. A couple of hours into the journey they were, once again, ambushed by kobolds. These kobolds looked more dangerous that the last group and included two Dragonshield warriors, a Wyrmpriest and a skirmisher. The fight was harder than the previous kobold attack but only one daily power was used by the party in defeating them. Interestingly the Wyrmpriest was wearing an amulet with a secret symbol of Orcus carved into it's base.

After a short rest the company pressed on towards the tomb…


See also Sk'ar



The Rescue Attempt
Pre season pilot Episode 4

With an almighty crash the tavern door flew of it’s hinges and smashed down onto a table spilling drinks everywhere.

An adventure was starting and our heroes, Sk’ar the Dragonborn Paladin, Tristan Feldreth an Elidarin Wizard and Akmenos a Tiefling Warlord were about to be dragged into it.

It was a pity about the door as until then it had been quite a quiet evening in the stag and horn tavern in Falconcrest. Customer had been slow but steady. There were about a half dozen regulars sitting at a number of tables. A couple of apprentices where playing brag in the corner, the barmaid was flirting with a Tiefling by the fireplace, just life as usual in the town of Fallcrest.

A small group of Hobgoblins stormed though the doorway waving swords and followed by a small agile goblin carrying a flaming torch. Most of the bar patrons recoiled screaming from their attackers. (The exception of the card players who didn’t seem to want to leave their stakes on the table.) A small number of the patrons almost seemed to welcome the intrusion and charged the Hobgoblins or unleashed magic missiles across the room.

The fight was short and the Hobgoblins, no doubt capable of attacking scared townsfolk, proved to be no match to trained heroes. The only possible risk was from the fire spreading through the bottles behind the bar however a few cold rays soon took care of the that risk.

Moving outside the heroes could see that fires were burning in other parts of the town but before they could finalise any plans to seek out further raiders a huge brute of an Ogre stormed around the corner pulling a cart by straps around his waist. The back of the cart was filled with barrels of pitch and two hobgoblin archers were lighting barrels and passing them to the Ogre to throw.

Our heroes quickly spread out across the road to reduce the chance of a single exploding barrel hitting more than one of them. The exception to this was Tristan the Wizard who ran back into the Inn, leant out of the window and bathed the Ogre, the two hobgoblins and the cart in flames. Unfortunately for the Ogre and the Hobgoblins the large pile of barrels caught in the flames started to burn.

Sk’ar piled missile fire into the enemy while they struggles to return fire and undo the straps harnessing the Ogre to the cart. Akmenos the Tiefling, trusting in his natural immunity to fire, risked rushing in to slash with his sword. The barrels exploded one after another and the successive blasts of fire combined with the heroes attacks soon took care of the Ogre and hobgoblins.

The actions of our heroes had been noticed and they where invided up to the Lord Wardens castle the following morning. A number of townsfolk had been captured and dragged off by the raiders. The Lord Warden’s offer was simple, follow the raiders into the mountains, find the Hobgoblin camp and return with enough information for a rescue mission to be mounted.

Lucky one of the Hobgoblin raiders had been captured and the heroes spend some time interrogating the prisoner and manager to obtain directions to the raider’s camp. Without wasting any time the party set off into the mountains to track the raiders. After almost a day of travel the party were advancing down the centre of a mountain pass when several Kruthik burst out of the ground and charged the party. The ensuing fight was hard and by the time it had ended Akmenos the Warlord was dead. Cut down by poison darts and razor claws.

With darkness drawing in the party realised they had lost the trail and returned to Fallcrest carrying the body of their fallen comrade.

For an alternative view see Sk'ar's journal

Kobold Hall Part 2
Pre season pilot Episode 3

Following the fight with the Kobold chieftain the heroes took a rest to bandage their wounds and discussed whether to return to Fallcrest or to delve deeper into the dungeon. Their discussion was interrupted by a figure running towards them down from the way they had come. The figure was as tall as a man but slightly more slender and somehow blending in with the walls and shadows of the corridor as if the natural environment was conspiring to conceal him from view. Recognising the newcomer Robin called out a greeting and waved him over to the party “over here Guseron”. Brief introductions followed as the stranger was introduced as Guseron a Warlock and a business associate Robin. The introductions where cut short by kobold war cries coming from the passageway Guseron had just come down.

The party were trapped! Kobolds were between them and the exit to the surface and only the unknown was before them. Advancing to the entrance to the passageway Sk’ar took a defensive stance and roared a battle cry while the magic users took up firing positions on the top of the wall behind him. Advancing down the corridor was a motley looking group of kobolds in leather armour waving javelins. Standing well to the back was a more imposing looking kobold dressed in better armour and holding twin short swords and looking competent and deadly. The ensuing fight was hard and deadly with Sk’ar the Paladin holding the passageway against the kobold horde while the Wizard and Warlock fired over his head into the battle. Luckily for our heroes a number of the kobolds chose to flee rather than face them and die. Robin skulked around the edges of the fight picking off kobolds from behind. The Kobold leader was very skilled in using his troops to take blows aimed for him and severely wounded Sk’ar before he fell. The quote from Sk’ar was,

“He ducked, he dodged, he died”.

The party quickly assessed their status and decided that rather than exploring deeper into the dungeon they should return to the surface and hunt down the kobolds who had fled earlier in the fight.

Retuning to the surface the party began to explore the woods surrounding the ruined keep. Robin the Rogue took the opportunity to leave the party feeling Guseron the Warlock could cover his skills if necessary. This was purely a fudge to allow us to play test a the new Warlock class.

As the party tracked the kobolds through the woods the remaining kobolds (who had much better stealth and nature skills) ambushed the party. It was a good ambush but the 12 kobold minions died just as quickly as their brothers in the dungeon earlier. Looking at the sun and considering their wounds and fatigue level the party chose to take a long rest and to return to the dungeon the following morning.

 The next morning, bright and early, the party retuned to the keep. As they approached the door leading down to the dungeon they were ambushed by a small number of kobolds with slings who hardly made the party break stride. As the party went to open the door it was smashed open from the inside as the terrifying sight of a white dragon, larger than a horse, powered its way up the stairs and out of the doorway.

The expressions on the players faces was a treat. I can’t recall the last time the players had to face a dragon and they were totally surprised finding themselves facing one at third level.

The dragon was met with screams of terror and cries of

 “we can’t face this”, “We are all dead!”

A cloud of freezing mist exploded over the hero’s heads luckly for them the dragon had aimed too high. The fear rolling off the great beast sapped the strength from Sk’ar as he realised that he would have to face the Dragon one to one in melee combat while the mages took cover and cast spells from range. The Dragon obviously had faced Wizards before and had a hatred of them. He concentrated his attacks on the Wizard time after time while the paladin and the Warlock unleashed their most powerful attacks at the great wyrm. The tough hide of the Dragon was able to turn most of Sk’ars attacks although it was more vulnerable to spells. No human could have withstood the fury of the Dragons attack and Obi the Wizard collapsed frozen and bleeding to the floor. His life quickly slipping away.

 Obi rolled two fails in a row on his save against dieing.

Dashing forward the Warlock grabbed the dieing Wizard and dragged him away from the Dragon and poured a healing potion down obi’s throat while Sk’ar hurled himself into distracting the dragon’s attacks, screaming battle cries and challenges. However the White Dragon had spotted that the Wizard was back on his feet and turned to hurl itself against him. The Wizard knew it was his time, the Raven Queen was calling. The Dragon screamed in rage and hurled itself towards the Wizard and with a great scream crashed to the ground, dead at his feet! Leaning on his sword behind the great beast stood Sk’ar. In it’s fury the Dragon had failed to heed the paladin’s challenge and had paid the price with it’s life!!!

 For an alternative view see Sk'ar's journal


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