Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

Ruler of fallcrest and patron.


Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is a balding, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally. He is married to Lady Allanda Markelhay with whom he has four children. His eldest, Ernesto is currently away visiting a court to the south.

Markelhay, rules Fallcrest from Moonstone Keep an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town . The outer bailey includes barracks quartering up to sixty guards. At any given time about twenty or so are off-duty,ten are patrolling the town and five are on each of the town's two gates. The castle also contains a stable, an armoury, a chapel, a smithy, and several storehouses.

The Lord Warden hired the party, in episode 2 of the Pilot series, to clear the kobolds out of Kobold Hall as he had become concerned over their banditry on the King's road.

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

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