Shadow Deeps

The Road to Tomorrows

Season 1 Episode 9

>Spoiler – This adventure is based on H1- The Keep on the Shadowfell. If you are a player and you are going to run this with your DM you should wait until after you have finished it before reading this adventure as it may spoil your fun.

The next morning the party celebrated the return of a weakened but alive Curon. It seemed that the Raven Queen  wasn’t in a hurry to receive her due, after all, now, 2 years from now or 100 years,  everyone gets to meet her.  Once Curon was back with the party they tried to decide how they might discover the identity of the  spy.  They tried several plans including sending Splug to Delphina Moongem to pose as a fellow spy.  Unfortunately as she wasn’t the traitor this only managed to cause some excitement until everyone was calmed down.

As the sun climbed towards it’s zenith, and undead forces would be at their weakest,  the company left the safely of the town and advanced on the Graveyard.  It was surrounded by a high fence and contained a number of crypts as well as the usual tombstones.  There appeared to be some sort of magic circle on the ground deep inside the graveyard although the magicians were not able to tell what type.  Moving in a loose circle the party advanced down the path and made the wise decision to check each crypt as they reached it rather than go straight to the circle. 

Kicking open the first door Ailon was only a little surprised when two skeletons sprang out at him protecting their mistress, Ninaran the Ranger.  While Ailon fought the skeletons Ninaran  sprang out of the crypt with all the agility of her elven race. At the same time hords of undead burst out of the ground all around the graveyard and two giant Gravehounds burst out of a large crypt and raced across the graveyard towards Tristan.  As an elven ranger, Ninaran, was deadly at range in open terrain, unfortunately for her she was in close combat with a 7’ Dragonborn warrior.  Her death was very swift.

Mean while Tristran and Curon were in close combat with the gravehounds.  Despite being specialists in ranged combat they acquitted themselves very well.  Ailon easily finished off the two skeletons in front of him and Splug demonstrated what a ranger can do when he does have range on his side.

Once the undead were destroyed the party investigated the circle and discovered it was a ritual for raising undead supplied to Ninaran by Kalarel.

After a brief rest the party returned to the Keep of the Shadowfell.  Once there they revisited Sir Keegan.  Sk’ar was worried that the rift was unprotected and whether he should stay to keep the rift guarded.  Sir Keegan told the party that as the stars changed their alignment the rift, although still a danger, would be far harder to breach and there was no need for Sk’ar to stay.  Sir Keegan would continue his duties and would contact them if evil arose again.  The party then returned the statuettes of Barhamut to their hiding place in the alter.

The company then explored and mapped the final remaining area of the Keep, the Maze of caves.  Once again Splug took up the role of scout. It was uncertain whether this was because he was willing to earn his full share or whether he wanted to be separate from the party and in the shadows if they were attacked.

The caves proved to be full of giant rats, to Sk’ar’s culinary delight, and  Kruthik, giant lizard/insects, which Tristran had fought before and which gave they party a tough fight.  The final encounter was at a pair of giant bronze doors with a warning scratched into them.  Splug confirmed this had been the water supply before it was sealed at the order of the Hobgoblins.  Inside the company found a 30’ chamber mostly filled with a pool of still water.  Still until the giant Blue slime burst out of it and attacked the party.   The party managed to get themselves split up, half in the water cave and half in the corridor.   This turned a hard fight in to a very hard fight but in the end they won.

They were able to recover a number of items of treasure including a Potion of Healing, a Shield of Protection and a message cylinder containing three sheets of vellum.  The first was a map showing the location of the Keep from the King’s road, the second  instructions to sabotage the keeps water supply if Kalarel  was not “receptive to our offer” (and a warning to run away very quickly after throwing the blue gen in to the water supply).  The final sheet holds a letter written in common,
“Greetings Kalarel, I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in the region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have Duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested send an envoy back to me. My messenger will show the way”.  It is signed Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers.

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Ian (Splug) returned to his people after this adventure in the cold and frozen lands. possibly to become a chief, eh?

The Road to Tomorrows

Splug’s working on building his tribe. A few goblin followers and several wives should result in a goodly sized tribe in no time!

The Road to Tomorrows

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