Shadow Deeps

Celebrate victory when you can

Season 2 Trailer

After finishing their map the party returned to the surface.  Splug told them that he was planning on journeying north to the Cairngorm Mountains, with his share of the treasure and his magic sword he felt he would soon be a chief amongst his kind.

Once again the company followed the increasingly familiar paths back to the small fortified village of Winterhaven.  Unlike the last time they returned the gates are open and the full of good cheer over the defeat of the kobold raiders and the undead in the cemetery two days before.  The party settled back into Wrafton’s Inn, Salvana Wrafton the proprietor informed them that Lord Padraig had told her to prepare a feast on their return to celebrate their victory over the forces of evil.

The feast was the social highlight of the year, with speeches and many tall tales and for once the  heroes did not have to dip into the company coffers to pay for food or drink.  Everyman wanted to buy the heroes a drink and every woman wanted to give them a kiss, even Sk’ar. Valthrun the Prescient sage took compious notes.  Old Eilan took no notes but great interest and especially wanted to know about any orgies/semi-naked dancing girls they had encountered.

The next morning the village square was taken over by a bustling market full of villages looking for an excuse to shop and socialise. Farmers selling products, hunters hawking smoked meats, and villages selling craft items.   The only things which were not on obvious sale were  armour, weapons, implements or magic items.  For those items the heroes knew they would have to visit Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe on the far side of the square.  Standing behind a small still covered in wildflowers and bunches of herbs was Delphine Moongem the elven flower picker.  She was hugging and greeting a competent looking male elf in travel stained clothing.  The more observant members of the company noticed a family resemblance between the two of them.

Sister Linora wove through the small crowd and approached the heroes. “Can you come and speak with Lord Padraig and me?  We have received some worrying news and we would like to consult with you…



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